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What is


Coaching is a process which enables your people to unlock their potential; maximising performance and fulfilment.  It is an equal partnership based on the understanding that the coachee already has the skills, knowledge, creativity and ideas within them. The process involves powerful conversations designed to uncover and break through unhelpful thinking, limitations and behaviours and to identify and access positive and empowering resources.

Coaching encourages self-discovery and offers the opportunity to gain clarity of thought and challenge beliefs and perspectives. In collaboration we explore and expand on the coachee’s possible solutions, action steps, goals and outcomes.

Through the coaching process we:

  • Actively listening to what the individual is saying (and not saying)

  • Hold up a mirror; reflecting back what we notice

  • Ask powerful questions to help generate clarity, insight and solutions

  • Draw on thinking and resources to deliver success

  • Agree clear and structured outcomes aligned with your organisation’s values and goals

  • Support and challenge – building insight, knowledge and understanding

  • Provide a mechanism for accountability

  • Upgrade personal and professional strategies, tools and practices

  • Provide a confidential space for thinking and exploration

  • Offer alternative perspectives to problems and ways of thinking

  • Challenge personal narratives, beliefs and assumptions

  • Accelerate personal development

  • Act as an objective and independent sounding board

  • Can introduce tools, techniques and exercises to acclerate learning or insight

  • Create positive and sustainable change


Coaching can be used to help with the following areas:


  • Introducing or embedding a cultural or structural change

  • Developing inspirational leaders and managers

  • Managing stress and conflict at work

  • Prioritising diverse and demanding stakeholder needs

  • Developing strategies for growth and development

  • Creating an environment for strategic and innovative thinking

  • Support for role transitions

  • Developing key skills

  • Setting clear actionable goals with accountability

  • Helping staff develop skills such as resilience, stress management and communication

  • Helping to develop and maintain a healthy work life balance

  • Onboarding of new staff

Get in touch 

To book a free consultation or to find out more: 

Call me on 07921 123329 or 01635 745009

Email me at

I also offer personal coaching for individuals. Contact me to find out more.

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