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Benefits of
coaching for SMEs


Coaching has been widely accepted as an integral part of people development within larger organisations. So what are the benefits for SMEs?

Retention, value and motivation

In any organisation, people are the key asset. However, within SMEs I believe this is even more true. Very often, your people will be doing more than their job role – picking up those tasks that fall between the cracks; the tech-savvy Finance Director who doubles-up as IT support, the Office Manager who picks up the day-to-day HR tasks. Your team are multi-skilled and you need to keep them! Larger companies with bigger budgets can offer great packages, perks and a clearly defined development programme with opportunities for promotion. This isn’t always the case for the SME.

So where does coaching come in? Firstly you’re demonstrating to your people just how valued they are. You’re offering them an immense opportunity for personalised development; so that they can continue to grow and be challenged even if there are no opportunities for traditional ‘promotion’. Your people will feel valued and motivated. And for your organisation this is essential to provide the climate for innovative thinking, passion and commitment to drive your business forward.

An independent sounding board for you or your leaders to think, strategise and get clarity

As a founder or CEO, your business may have grown quickly or organically. Often there may not to be time to pause and think – to get clarity on which direction the business is heading in, what culture you are developing, opportunities for growth and strategic thinking. When the buck stops with you it is helpful to have an independent sounding board. You and your top leaders need space, clarity and a non-judgemental, impartial point of view. All of which a good coach can provide.


Non-biased impartial support for your middle managers

Your middle management team may be juggling the demands of your leaders with the needs of their team. This can sometimes result in frustration or conflict. An impartial coach can provide them with a non-judgemental space in which to voice their concerns but can also help to challenge their perspectives and come up with solutions; improving communication, reducing conflict and managing stress.    

Introducing a 1-1 coaching programme for some of your key staff has so many other benefits for your organisation:

  • Increased motivation and productivity

  • Decreased turnover, abseentism, disciplinary issues and conflict

  • An opportunity to overcome barriers to innovation, growth and development

  • The development of commercially-focused, high-performance cultures

  • Time for key staff to reflect and focus on key themes and strategies

  • Clarity on goals, priorities and leadership styles

  • Energy and stress management

  • Development of actionable goals with accountability

  • Better decision-making

  • A team with greater resilience and the ability to manage stress and energy levels, whilst coping under pressure

  • An opportunity to manage conflicts within teams

  • Increased confidence and self-belief

  • A increase in strategic thinking

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