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Welcome. I’m Lindsay Heath and I'm a certified executive coach. I specialise in supporting talented individuals within SMEs to reach their potential, creating long-term impact for your organisation.

With nearly 20 years' management experience within SMEs, I understand the unique challenges smaller businesses face and the value coaching can bring to help you upscale your people development and maximise performance and ROI.


For some SMEs, budget restraints mean coaching is not an affordable option so it is my mission to bring this transformative approach to smaller businesses in a cost-effective manner.


Along with my network of trusted associates I can also provide team coaching, stress management and building resilience interventions and training and development programmes. 




Get in touch 

To book a free consultation or to find out more: 

Call me on 07921 123329 or 01635 745009

Email me at 

I also offer personal coaching for individuals. Contact me to find out more.

Lindsay helped me break cycles of work burnout and reframe my mindset around goal achievement. She enabled me to realise that I approached my life with two speeds - “1st Gear” (as I called it) being totally relaxed and present or “5th Gear” being full throttle and 100% focused on achievement.


Through developing awareness of my values and reframing some beliefs, Lindsay enabled me to develop other ways of working which compliment my natural speeds. This has enabled me to achieve in a healthier and more sustainable manner, leaving me feeling more fulfilled and balanced in my life. Lindsay achieved all this in three relaxed and non-judgemental sessions by being a great listener and asking some thought provoking (and at times challenging) questions which really helped me open up my thinking and self-awareness. Thanks so much!  

Simon, Sales Director, Sussex

I was so impressed with my sessions with Lindsay. I hadn't ever had coaching like this before and it was so invaluably useful. Lindsay worked incredibly well in directing the conversation to achieve successful discussions throughout. She asked great questions and really helped me re-align my thinking. I never felt judged or unable to openly discuss. She also brought fun to the sessions.

My life and work have been impacted hugely. I was vaguely conscious of some of my unhelpful ways of thinking, however was very much unaware of how to override this. I will carry the lessons learnt in both professional and personal life and cannot thank Lindsay enough for this.

James D, Marketing, London

My goal was to get a better understanding of my skills, strengths and development points. Furthermore I wanted to identify potential alternative career paths that match my skills and evaluate if my current career path is viable.


Lindsay offered critical questions, summaries and reflections and her guidance was great when I wasn't sure what to do next. Following the sessions I have been able to reflect more deeply what makes me happy and what I’d like to do in the future.

Niki, Hospitality, London

Mind-blowing sessions! I have achieved so much more than I thought was possible. My perspective has totally changed around how I view my career and work-life balance and that has been so powerful. You were totally 'in' the sessions with me - a brilliant coach!

Raymond, Director, Germany

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